About Us

From the time man
First struck two stones together
to start a fire, conventional energy has
been harnessed to power a variety of needs.
Today, there’s great pressure on these energy
sources. Dwindling at a scary rate, conventional energy
sources have also contributed to various environment hazards.
A company with engineering excellence …

EnergieSolar, a technology driven company has been in the core sectors of Energy and Environment and has defined its business as – Conserving Energy and Preserving the Environment. Electricity is scarce and expensive. It should be used only where it is irreplaceable. Keeping this in mind, EnergieSolar took up the challenge of manufacturing and distribution of Non-Conventional Energy Sources.

To maintain high standards, a team of workers and engineers is specially trained and exposed to global work and quality culture. With this positive and innovative attitude, EnergieSolar has carved a niche in the market where competition is stiff and performance is the only criteria.

EnergieSolar’s sales and after-sales service is efficient, responsive and responsible. Our Engineers understand customer requirements, design the most optimal solutions and ensure quality at every stage, to achieve customer delight.

Due to continuous product upgradation, EnergieSolar reserves the right to modify / change any specification without prior notice.