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Solar Photovoltaic (SPV Systems)

EnergieSolar is a company engaged in the design, engineering, marketing, installation and servicing of Photovoltaic Energy Equipments.

EnergieSolar, offers a varied range of Photovoltaic devices suited for industry and homes for Street Lighting, Garden Lighting, Indoor Lighting, Home Lighting, Emergency Lamps and Pumping systems.Other special applications include stand-alone / hybrid Power Generation systems.

How It Works?

Sunlight falls on the solar cells enclosed in a sealed PV panel (solar modules), kept exposed to the sun. the light energy is converted to electricity. This energy is stored in a low maintenance tubular battery, through a charge controller. This energy then can be used for lighting / illumination, operating computer, TV, VCR, VCD / DVD, etc. Suitable electronic controls are provided to protect the battery, panels and load from over charge and over discharge, trip on output overload, blocking diodes to prevent reverse flow of power from batteries to panel in the absence of sunlight.

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Due to continuous product upgradation, EnergieSolar reserves the right to modify / change any specification without prior notice.